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Rajput Matrimony website is build by group of technocrats from IITs to solve the problem of finding a suitable life partner.

Current Problems at Matrimony Sites:

  • Very complex
  • Very costly
  • Difficult to use
  • Doesn't solve the community related problems

Our Solutions at Rajput Matrimony:  

  • Unlimited Premium Access at Zero Cost for 12 months. Payable only after 12 months of free service.
  • ABCD: Any Body Can Do. Simplest matrimony in the world. Build by IITians.
  • ABCE: Any Body Can Enroll & Earn. Yes, not only for marriage but also to help community. Get 20% for each invite.
  • ABCH: Any Body Can Help. Features to help your community with privacy.
  • Lifetime free membership for one person.

Who are we ?

At Kalash Matrimony Services Group www.KalashMatrimony.org/castes, we have tried to build the world's first matrimony website which is extremely simple to use, of top quality and secured.

Which communities are we serving ?


What is our primary Goal ? 

Reach every section of the society irrespective whether they are rich, poor, technocrats, non-technocrats, from village or town. The site is build on the concept of community services where members help each other to find a suitable partner.

15 new websites for 15 communities ?

After success of www.rajputmatrimony.org and getting valuable inputs, we have created new sites for 15 castes. We are also building one more site which will consolidate all other communities at one place. So basically we are covering all the communities in India.


The best part is, any person (18/21+ age) in India/abroad can take part in this community building exercise by simply registering himself (Either for marriage or as reseller) and Invite others.


Page Details for 15 communities ?

Agarwal Matrimony,  Baranwal Matrimony,  Bhumihar Matrimony,  Brahmins Matrimony,  Jain Matrimony,  Kalwar Matrimony,  Kanu Matrimony,  Kayastha MatrimonyKoiri MatrimonyKurmi MatrimonyRajput MatrimonyRauniyar MatrimonySonar MatrimonyTeli MatrimonyYadava MatrimonyAll Other Castes


A Useful Quote ?

Relationship is about how much you love; but marriage is about how much one proves it to be truth. Such is the beauty of wedding vows and life beyond those vows of eternal love. 

Rajput Matrimony is the community formed by ‘Kalash Matrimony Org’ with a view to connect two hearts. So, relive the moments of life, while you face all ages of this world.


If your community is not in the list, please provide your contact here or write us at contact@kalashmatrimony.org, so that we can add it.




Benefits for You:

  • 1 more month of Premium+ or 1 Week of Priority Profile at your chosen dates (Equivalent to 800 INR).
  • 20% of cash or cash equivalent for each invited paid member (e.g. max 500 INR for each invite).
  • All your Invites are recorded at My Invites. Here you will come to know when they register and you can send reminders also.

    Benefits for Invited Members:

  • 7 months of free Premium+ services for initial few members.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • View unlimited phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Add members to Favourites List
  • Unlimited Send email via Express Interest
  • See who is interested in your profile and vice-versa and also mutual interests.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Expressed Interest/Maintain your diary for each profile.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Favourite members/Maintain your diary for each profile.

  • Invite Form