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1. Few quick links?

Ans: If you are already a member, please login first. 

2. Why your profile details should be secured?

Ans: In the age of internet, it is extremely important that we safeguard our online identity from theft. Reason is, all your bank account, debit/credit cards etc are linked with your userid, email id, date of birth and few personal details. So we should not expose ourself to any website (including social websites) which is open for everyone to view all of your personal details.This will put you at extreme risk of being prone to online fraud and scams.

3. How long it take to activate a new profile?

Ans: We do not activate any profile without verification on phone. This process take 2 to 3 weeks. If you have already registered once, please do not register again and wait for your call from us. If your phone number is not reachable, we won't activate your profile. Please write to us at support@kalashmatrimony.org, if you have provided incorrect phone number or email during registration.

4. What will happen if I register multiple times or have incomplete profile or unreachable contact details?

Ans: Without a valid reason, your profile will be permanently banned. It is a big pain for us to clear out duplicates and incomplete profiles.

5. My marriage is fixed, how can I disable my account?

Ans: It's very easy. Step1: Login the kalashmatrimony.org. Step2: Click on "Deactivate Account" link and send request to us to deactivate your account.

6. What makes my profile presentable?

Ans: Marriage in Indian culture is once in life time event. So it make sense that we put lots of effort to present ourself in a way which is clear, honest and presentable. In my views, a full profile details with photograph and reachable contact details can change the perception about a person.

7. I am not able to add photograph?

Ans: Use link Add/Edit Photo

If you are not able to add/edit the photograph, please send your photograph to us at support@kalashmatrimony.org and we will add this to your profile.

8. What is "Priority Profile" Feature?

Ans: Your profile will always be shown at the top irrespective of search criteria. In addition to that, any registered member can see your contact details and send email via express interest option. So virtually your full profile including contact details are accessible to every member and not limited to just premium+ members. Inaugural Charges, INR 150/Day and INR 750/Week.

9. What is "Groom/Bride of the Day" Feature?

Ans: Your passport size profile will always be shown at the top left side irrespective of search criteria. In addition to that, any registered member can see your contact details and send email via express interest option. So virtually your full profile details are accessible to every member and not limited to just premium+ members. Inaugural Charges, INR 100/Day and INR 500/Week.

10. What are the main benefits of these features? 

Ans: The two fold benefit is that your profile is on top always (no search criteria applied) and second benefit is your contact number is visible to all members.


Please send your queries or feedbacks to support@kalashmatrimony.org



Benefits for You:

  • 1 more month of Premium+ or 1 Week of Priority Profile at your chosen dates (Equivalent to 800 INR).
  • 20% of cash or cash equivalent for each invited paid member (e.g. max 500 INR for each invite).
  • All your Invites are recorded at My Invites. Here you will come to know when they register and you can send reminders also.

    Benefits for Invited Members:

  • 7 months of free Premium+ services for initial few members.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • View unlimited phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Add members to Favourites List
  • Unlimited Send email via Express Interest
  • See who is interested in your profile and vice-versa and also mutual interests.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Expressed Interest/Maintain your diary for each profile.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Favourite members/Maintain your diary for each profile.

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